Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12

The Board exams are just round the corner, hardly any time left for preparations. Vidyakul brings for you CBSE previous year question papers class 12. The time has finally arrived for you to practice more and more, solve more questions and see what has been asked in the boards. Over the years, it has been noticed that the board exams have become more challenging, more application based and focused on the basics. Amidst the changing patterns and latest trends, it has been observed however that the board questions have something in common. The detailed research and analysis shows that the CBSE previous year question paper for Class 12 have been based on certain key principles and basic fundamentals.

The basics of a particular chapter or topic have always been focused on. There are many states in India and the number of schools is huge, as a result although the syllabus and the textbooks and references are same, the way or method of teaching etc. have not yet been standardized. As a result many board questions for class 12 are seen to repeat and reappear by being put across differently and modified slightly. Understanding this, it is essential that we study the CBSE previous questions papers thoroughly as chances of the same concepts being asked is fairly high. A survey showed that in 2015 & 2016, students who studied and prepared the board questions for class 12 scored fairly higher than the others. We at Vidyakul suggest all students to study CBSE previous year question papers class 12 thoroughly and get good grades with minimum efforts and with no waste of energy, time and efforts.

Find below links to the Board questions for previous years, maths board questions, physics board questions chemistry board questions, and board questions for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Maths
CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Physics
CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Chemistry

Our Experts researched on the basis of previous year question papers and made below some important sample papers for upcoming 2018 CBSE exams.

Maths Sample Papers 2018
Physics Sample Papers 2018
Chemistry Sample Papers 2018