Vidyakul presents CBSE Sample Papers for class 12. There are a wide range of CBSE Sample Papers available online nowadays, however with the board exams just round the corner, Vidyakul brings to you, the best of sample papers for your boards 2018. The sample test papers for class 12 CBSE on our website will help you to get the best advice and help as per our experts from all over India.

Latest CBSE Sample papers – 2018
CBSE sample papers for Maths
CBSE sample papers for Physics
CBSE sample papers for Chemistry
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Our team of experienced teachers have brought to you the analysed & filtered questions based on our extensive research that will help you to score a minimum of 75-80% with minimum efforts. If you’re a student who already scores well, referring to these CBSE sample papers for Class 12 on our website will help you to score above 90%.

The sample papers have been put together after a detailed analysis and survey of CBSE last 10 years questions papers and the trends from 2015, 2016. Every student solves the last year questions papers, however, the sample papers based on the trends and analysis also focus on the questions that are likely to come definitely this year. Teachers from the best institutes in India have always emphasized on the importance of proper practice and focus on solving as many papers as possible in the last few months before the boards. This ensures that the students are exposed to all types of questions and are well practiced. This also makes sure that before the exam, the students have solved every question in a variety of different ways and feels confident.

Make the best of the research and increase your scores by studying smart in the last few months left for the boards. These are crucial times and solving our detailed, analysed and research based papers will ensure your study is most effective and yields the best results!! Get started with us NOW! Click on the link below to access the CBSE sample papers for Class 12. To make it easy for you, we have also structured our content in an easy to find manner that saves your time and efforts.

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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Physics
CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Chemistry

PCM Chapter Wise NCERT Solution by Vidyakul

NCERT solution for Maths
NCERT solution for Physics
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