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NCERT Solutions For Class 9 to 12

NCERT Solutions

Vidyakul presents NCERT Solutions  for Classes 9th -12th to teach the students the right method of solving NCERT questions, to help them complete their homework and prepare for their exams. The NCERT textbook solutions are created by our panel of highly experienced teachers, according to the latest NCERT Syllabus given by the central board of secondary education or CBSE.  These solutions to NCERT books are presented in a well-structured format, the order of the chapters and topics moving parallel to the NCERT book so that the students do not face any difficulty or confusion while preparing from them. 

NCERT Solutions provided by us: 

Features of NCERT Solutions on Vidyakul:

The NCERT textbook Solutions act as an invaluable aid to the students of class 9th-12th and not only help them complete their homework, but also take care of their all-round exam preparation. Packed with a lot of features, these NCERT Solutions in PDF format are the best guide a student could ask for.

  • NCERT Solutions FREE PDF Download of Maths and Science for Class 9th-10th and Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 11th and 12th. 
  • An opportunity to discover the traditional method of solving the questions. 
  • The solutions follow a simple yet smart approach to reach the answer without confusing students.
  • Complete and structured answers for each question in accordance with NCERT textbooks.
  • The NCERT Book Solutions are prepared after extensive research by our subject matter experts. 
  • The solutions to NCERT Textbook are framed in easy language for better understanding. 
  • Answers are provided with graphs and illustrations wherever necessary for all round comprehension. 
  • Act as a quick guide to revise for the exams. 

Why are NCERT Solutions student’s best-friend?

With the aim to ease out the process of exam preparation and learning process for every student, Vidyakul offers the NCERT Book Solutions to students from class 9th to 12th. These NCERT Solutions in PDF format would act as the best guide for completing the homework or preparing for the exams. Learn the many ways in which NCERT Solutions help the students.

Better Understanding:

The Answers to NCERT eases out the concepts given in the textbook and makes them simple enough to comprehend. Since the language of these NCERT Solutions PDF is quite straightforward, thus it saves both the time and effort put in by the students during their exam preparation.

Ample Practice:

Practice is the key to score the maximum marks in any examination and with NCERT textbook Solutions in PDF Format provided to the students, they act as supplementary material and help the students attain more marks. Students must have a habit of solving questions as much as possible, only then they would be able to match their speed with the time provided for the examination. Thus, practicing questions from the NCERT textbook and referring to their solutions is quite crucial.

Quick Doubt Solving:

With ample practice of questions, comes a lot of doubts. In most cases, the student is quite impatient and thus requires quick and effective help. The NCERT textbook Solutions in PDF format would provide instant answer to all his queries and thus would become the game-changer in their exam preparation.

Instant Check:

The NCERT Chapter-wise Solutions not only helps the student to practice or complete the homework, but also comes in handy while revising for a chapter or studying for an exam. Once a student has completed all the questions of the chapter, he/she can verify the answers from the solutions and can learn a better way to approach a question.

All-round Exam Preparation:

The NCERT solutions play an important role in exam preparation. Be it a class test, mid-term examination or CBSE Board exam, the go-to textbook for teachers in NCERT. Thus, having NCERT solutions on fingertips is must for the students. With the answer to in text questions and exercise questions, these solutions to NCERT textbook act as the best supplementary material, a student can ask for.