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Solid State, Solution & Surface Chemistry

by AtoZ Chemistry

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JEE Advanced , Chemistry
Board: CBSE & State Boards , Language: Hindi

Mode- Online
Contains- 26 Videos
Access Duration- Till 30 Apr 2020


Solution, Solid & Surface Chemistry are easiest topics of Physical Chemistry but questions are frequently asked from these topics.

In this course, Students will Study

1). Solid state through 3-D visualization, Learn to solve problems of Solid State

2). Ideal & Non-ideal Solution, Colligative properties, Van't Hoff Factors.

3). concepts of Adsorption, Colloids & Catalysis in Surface Chemistry.

Course Description

Chemistry can guarantee you assured marks in JEE Advanced/JEE Mains, on the off chance that you have prepared well. This is the reason chemistry is known as best scoring subject in JEE Main & Advanced Exams. Most of the times, questions in JEE Chemistry are not especially twisted and get tested directly. The key to solving problems of chemistry lies in understanding basic concepts clearly. Here, IITIAN Er Rishi Kuamr will help you to improve your JEE chemistry score!


Solid State

  • Solid State - Crystalline & Amorphous Solid Preview
  • Solid State - Law of Crystallography
  • Solid State - Bravius lattice & Important Terms of solid state
  • Solid State - Tpye of Cubic crystal & Closest packed St.
  • Solid State - Tetrahedral & Octahedral Void
  • Solid State - Tpye of Voids & Radius Ratio
  • Solid state - Type of ionic solid
  • Solid State - Defect in Solid

Solution & its C.P

  • Solution - Condtion of solution formation, TD of Solution, Factros affecting solubility-Henary's Law
  • Solution - Colligative Properties, Raoult's Law
  • Solution - Relative lowring of V.P. & Problems
  • Solution - Non ideal solution, Azeotropic Solution
  • F.D. of Ideal Solution
  • F.D. of Non Ideal solution
  • Solution - Elevation in B.P., Depression in F.P
  • Solution - Osmotic Pressure, Abnormal C.P. & Van't Hoff Factor
  • Solution - Ostwald Walker Exp.

Surface Chemistry

  • Surface Chemistry - Protective Colloids
  • Surface Chemistry - Introduction & Surface tension & surface energy
  • Surface Chemistry - Adsorption
  • Surface Chemistry - Factors affecting Adsorption
  • Surface Chemistry - Catalysis
  • Surface Chemistry - Tpye of Catalysis & Enzyme Catalysis
  • Surface Chemistry - Colloidal Solution
  • Surface Chemsitry - Type of Collidial Solution
  • Surface Chemistry - Properties of Collodial Solution

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About AtoZ Chemistry

AtoZ Chemistry

Chemistry | Class 11th, 12th and Competitive Exams | 15+ Years Experience | Er. Rishi Kumar is the Academic In-charge of A-to-Z Chemistry who understood the challenges faced by students presented them with one-stop solutions for all their chemistry related problems.

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Mode- Online

Contains- 26 Videos

Access Duration- Till 30 Apr 2020