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Class X Physics - Foundation Of Neet And Jee - Explanation

Science Hinglish Total Chapters: 4
Sangeeta Khatri
  • Class X Physics - Foundation of NEET and JEE - Explanation.
  • Its for all students studying under the State Board and following NCERT curriculum.
  • Course is helpful to build a solid foundation for those students pursuing JEE/NEET.
  • Total syllabus is covered in Hinglish language and in very simple manner.
  • Most of the important questions of NCERT Exemplar are solved along with Questions.
  • Full Explanation for all topics important Foundation of JEE/NEET.
  • Recorded Video Lectures.
  • Revision Video For each chapter for Quick revision.

Chapter 1 Light Reflection And Refraction

Chapter 2 Human Eye And Colorful World

  • Human Eye And Colourful World 1
    15 Minutes
  • Defects Of Vision And Its Correction
    12 Minutes
  • Human Eye Refraction Of Light Through Glass Prism
    15 Minutes
  • Quick Revision
    35 Minutes

Chapter 3 Electricity

  • Electricity - Basic Concepts Class X Physics
    15 Minutes
  • Electricity- Ohm's Law Verification Of Ohm's Law.
    7 Minutes
  • Electricity - Total Resistance In Parallel Combination
    11 Minutes
  • Electricity - Total Resistance In Series Combination
    5 Minutes
  • Electricity Joules Law Of Heating
    15 Minutes
  • Electricity - Complete Revision
    43 Minutes

Chapter 4 Magnetic Effects Electric Current

  • Magnetic- Effects Of Electric Current
    27 Minutes
  • Force On Current Carrying Conductor In Magnetic Field
    10 Minutes
  • Electric Motor
    7 Minutes
  • Electromagnetic Induction
    7 Minutes
  • Electric Generator
    6 Minutes

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