Why Teach Online at Vidyakul?

Vidyakul provides an online platform, committed to a knowledgeable and valued teacher like you, on which you can easily.

Your own online courses and publish them on Vidyakul’s free-to-use platform.

Millions of students online and share your knowledge with them.


Money when the student purchases your course.

How To Become A Teacher

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Welcome to Vidyakul, an online marketplace which is free to use for tutors to expand their market reach by providing quality integrated learning.

Why Teach Online at Vidyakul?

Discover your potential: Share your knowledge and reach millions of students across the globe.
Inspire students:- help students advance their careers by teaching what you're passionate about.
Earn extra income: Earn money every time a student purchases your course.
Follow the steps below to make your course the best it can be:
  • Plan your course into a continuous series of independent lectures that help students achieve their course goal.
  • Define your course goals, objectives, requirements and divide it into sections with individual lectures.
  • Choose your target audience to select an appropriate broad topic and differentiated topic. For example: Broad Topic- Class 12 Mathematics, Differentiated Topic- Class 12 Mathematics-Gujrat Board
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