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S Block Elements

Chemistry Hinglish Total Chapters: 3
Atoz Chemistry

Develop a solid foundation of concepts & fundamentals

Sharpen analytical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills

Complete explanation of important topics


Hydrogen & Its Compound

Alkali Metals

  • Elemental Properties Of Alkali Metals& Its Compounds
    57 Minutes
  • Na & Its Compounds
    62 Minutes
  • Na & Its Compounds, Use Of Na & K
    26 Minutes
  • Alkali Metals Problems
    29 Minutes
  • Alkali Metals Problems
    23 Minutes

Iia Metals

  • Elemental Properties
    41 Minutes
  • Compounds Of Iia Metals
    53 Minutes
  • Compounds Of Ca
    47 Minutes
  • Iia Metals Problems
    27 Minutes
  • Iia Metals Problems
    24 Minutes

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