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Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE)

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education or MP Board

The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) or commonly known as MP Board was established by Madhya Pradesh Legislature, sixteen years after independence under The Madhya Pradesh Secondary Education Act, 1965. The board regulates and supervises the system of intermediate education in the state of Madhya Pradesh. With affiliating and recognizing new schools, deciding the course curriculum till the intermediate level and conducting high school and intermediate examinations all through the state, the functions of MP Board are never ending.

Powers of the Board:

  1. To conduct state level examinations at high school and intermediate level
  2. To publish the results of its examinations
  3. To recognize institutions situated in Madhya Pradesh for the purposes of admitting them to the privileges of the Board.
  4. To prescribe condition for recognition of schools or institutions including conditions of service of teachers, their qualifications, equipment, their qualifications, equipment, building and other educational facilities
  5. To withdraw recognition from the institution, where the Board is satisfied after enquiry that its privileges are abused by it or that the conditions imposed by the Board for the recognition of such institution are not complied with.
  6. To adopt measures to promote physical, moral and social welfare of students in recognized institutions and to prescribe conditions of their residence and discipline
  7. To institute and award scholarships, medals and prizes under conditions that may be prescribed
  8. To advise the state Government as to the courses of instruction and syllabi of middle school education with a view to secure coordination between middle school and secondary education.
  9. To take necessary steps with regard to modernizing of school curriculum, strengthening of science and mathematics education, work experience and vocationalization by making investigation and researches into the latest evaluation processes or other experiments.
  10. To take all necessary steps to make examinations more valid, reliable, comprehensive and elaborate.

MP Board Textbooks:

The Madhya Pradesh Board is responsible for determining the policy-related, administrative, cognitive, and intellectual direction of the state's higher educational system. This includes prescribing the school with well-equipped syllabus and textbooks coordinated with it.

MP Board Syllabus:

Being an exam conducting body, one of the main functions of MP Board is to determine the syllabus for the high school and intermediate level exams. Click on the links below and download the syllabus for Class 10 and Class 12.