HC Verma Solutions

HC Verma Solutions

Prof. Harish Chandra Verma, is an experimental physicist, a retired professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and the author of Concepts of Physics-Part 1 and Part 2, a book which took the entire nation by storm with its complex but result-oriented problems. Students aspiring for one of the India’s demanding examinations, Joint Entrance Exam consider Concepts of Physics by HC Verma as their holy bible. Solving this extensive book not only enhances their JEE preparation, but also pushes them to run their minds, their imaginations in order solve complex numerical.  
Concepts of Physics by HC Verma comes in two parts: Part 1 for Class 11th and Part 2 for Class 12th students.  Each book contains numerical problems, multiple choice questions, objective type question and answers, short answer solutions, workout examples and more in total 44 chapters which cover each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus for competitive exams like JEE. Solving these challenging questions, strengthens the foundation of the students and make them exam ready. The students who have cleared JEE Mains and Advanced stress on practicing from HC Verma since its simple language, lucid explanations justified with simple examples prepare the student to score the maximum marks.

Features of HC Verma Solutions on Vidyakul:

Vidyakul presents HC Verma Solutions to both the parts for students aiming to achieve great heights in physics. Created by our highly experienced teachers in a well-structured format, these solutions provide all-round preparation for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, BITSAT and many more. With HC Verma solutions in FREE PDF download, we provide the students with the one-stop solution to all their doubts and effective exam preparation.

  • The HC Verma Solutions are developed after extensive research by our subject matter experts.
  • The easiest explanation of complex concepts is provided for better understanding.
  • Traditional method of solving the questions is also given to avoid any confusion among students.
  • Provides complete knowledge of each and every concept to prepare the student to face questions of varied difficulties.
  • The solutions to HC Verma Textbook are organized chapter wise to avoid any confusion faced by the students while preparing for the examinations.
  • The solutions are equipped with necessary illustrations wherever necessary.
  • Shortcut techniques are also mentioned to the students to increase their speed and accuracy.
  • Act as a quick guide to revise for the exams.
Concepts of Physics
Part 1
Concepts of Physics
Part 2

How to use HC Verma and its Solutions for JEE preparations?

Concepts of Physics by HC Verma is one complex book which, if not utilized to one’s advantage, would not reap rewards which in this case is maximum marks in JEE exams. Vidyakul understands the significance of JEE and other competitive exams and the many ways in which HC Verma and its solutions could help the students enhance their JEE preparation.

Follow the points below to understand how to use HC Verma and its solutions to your utmost advantage:

  • The topics are introduced step by step. So the students are advised not to skip to the topic they like. They might miss out on an important concept.
  • No question should be answered without strengthening the foundation. It is crucial to understand all the topics in the chapter properly before starting with the exercises.
  • Not just the exercises, but the examples given in the book for better comprehension are also important. Students must not take them for granted and thus solve each and every example given in the book. This will strengthen their foundation and help them get a grip on the kind of questions that they must expect on the examination.

The students must check the solutions in the given manner after solving an exercise, since the steps given below aims to enhance their exam preparation.

  • If your answer is correct, check for the method in the solutions provided i.e. if you have arrived at the answer using the correct method. You can also compare your method with the one given in the HC Verma Solutions pdf to learn the shorter method.
  • If your answers in incorrect, check for the correct answer in the solutions and look for the step from where you went wrong.
  • Revise the chapter once again if you are finding most of the questions too difficult to solve.
  • If there is a mathematical error or a procedural error, learn the correct method from the solutions.

HC Verma is the greatest book that you can refer to study physics, but in the end, remember, it is your hard work that will help you succeed, not HC Verma.

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