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by AtoZ Chemistry

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NEET , Chemistry
Board: CBSE & State Boards , Language: Hinglish

Mode- Online
Contains- 144 Videos
Access Duration- Till 30 Apr 2020


Develop a solid foundation of concepts & fundamentals

Comprehensive & exhaustive approach towards Class 11 Inorganic Chemistry

Sharpen analytical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills

Complete explanation of important topics

Time management & attention on topics via self-analysis

Course Description


Inorganic Chemistry Course by Er. Rishi Kumar, A-Z Chemistry helps the learners to grasp puzzling concepts of Chemistry in an interesting manner to ensure excellent preparation for school examinations and competitive exams like JEE and NEET from the convenience of home. The high-quality video lessons recorded exclusively by him covers all concepts of CBSE Class 11 Inorganic Chemistry and provides the students with all explanations and guidance needed for effective study and for ultimately achieving success in the CBSE Class XI examination. Moreover, this CBSE Class 11 Inorganic Chemistry Course is essential for competitive exam preparation as it includes all the crucial topics for competitive exams like JEE/NEET.

CBSE Class 11 Inorganic Chemistry Course covers all important chapters from the Board exam and JEE/NEET perspective. This includes classification of elements and periodicity in properties, s-block elements, p-block elements, Hydrogen, and Environmental Chemistry.


Chemical Bonding

  • Introduction, definition, Concept & Type of Bonding Preview
  • Ionic Bonding, covalnet bonding
  • Ionic Character in Covalent Bonding, Electronegativity
  • Dipole Moment
  • Fajan's Rule
  • Model for Covalent Compound, V.B.T. - Lewis St. Model
  • Lewis Structure Model
  • Formal Charge
  • Formal Charge Rule
  • Resonance
  • Merits & Demerits of Lewis St. Model
  • Drawing Lewis St.
  • Chemical Bonding - VSEPR 1
  • Chemical Bonding - VSEPR 2
  • Chemical Bonding - VSEPR 3
  • Chemical Bonding - VSEPR 4
  • Back Bonding
  • Bond Angle determination
  • Concept of Hybridisation
  • Sp3, Sp2 Hybridisation
  • SP hybridisation, Realtive study of SP, SP2, SP3 Hybridisation
  • Hybridsation involving D-orbitals
  • Hybridsation with D-orbitals, Limitaion of Hybridisation
  • Calculation of Hybridisation of Central Atom, Problems
  • Merits & demerits of VBT, Introduction to MOT
  • MO formation, Bond Order
  • MO with P-orbitals, B2, Magnetic Character
  • MO of Diatomic Species, Hetroatomic Species
  • Secondary Bondings
  • H Bonding
  • Metallic Bonding

Periodic Table

  • Development of P.T.
  • Mandeelev P.T. & Mosley, Modern P.T.
  • Modern P.T. & Periodic Properties
  • TRICs to Remember P.T.
  • Atomic Volume & Radius
  • Atomic Radius, Ionisation Energy
  • Ionisation Energy
  • Electron Affinity, Hydration Energy
  • Electronegativity, Lattice Energy
  • Oxidising & Reducing Power, Nature of oxides
  • M.P. & B.P., Density, Bond Energy, Digoanl relationship, Inert Pair Effect
  • Problem In Periodic Table
  • Problem In Periodic Table

Hydrogen & its Compound

  • Preparation, properties & Type of Hydrogen
  • Compounds of Hydrogen, Hydrides, Water, Hydrates
  • Hardness of Water, H2O2
  • Hydrogen - Problems
  • Hydrogen - Problems

Alkali Metals

  • Elemental Properties of Alkali metals& its Compounds
  • Na & its compounds
  • Na & its Compounds, Use of Na & K
  • Alkali Metals Problems
  • Alkali Metals problems

IIA Metals

  • Elemental Properties
  • Compounds of IIA Metals
  • Compounds of Ca
  • IIA Metals Problems
  • IIA Metals Problems

IIIA Elements

  • Introduction to P - Block & IIIA - elemental properties
  • General properties of compounds & B-compounds
  • Boron compounds, Use of B and Al
  • IIIA Elements Problems
  • IIIA Elements Problems
  • IIIA Elements Problems


  • Elemental Properties of C family
  • Allotoropes of C & compounds of C
  • Compounds of Si
  • IVA ELEMENT Problems
  • IVA ELEMENT Problems

VA Elements

  • Elemental Properties of N family
  • Compounds of N family
  • N & Its compounds
  • Oxides & Oxyacids of Nitrogen
  • P & its compounds
  • Oxides & Oxyacids of P

VIA Elements

  • Elemental Properties of O-Family
  • Compounds of VIA elements
  • Oxygen & Ozone
  • Sulphur & oxides of Sulphur
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • VIA ELEMENT Problems
  • VIA ELEMENT Problems


  • Elemental properties of Halogen
  • Compounds of Halogen
  • Chlorine & its Compounds
  • VIIA ELEMENT Problems
  • VIIA ELEMENT Problems

VIIIA Elements

  • Noble Gas
  • Compounds of Noble Gas
  • VIIIA ELEMENT Problems
  • VIIIA ELEMENT Problems


  • Introduction, Concentration of ore
  • Roasting, Calcination, smelting
  • Refining of metal
  • Pyrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, Hydrometallurgy
  • Ellingham Diagram
  • Extraction of Cu & Fe
  • Extraction of Al & Zn
  • Metallurgy Problems
  • Metallurgy Problems

D Block Metals

  • D block - Elemental Properties
  • D block - Elemental Properties
  • D block - Elemental Properties
  • D Block - KMnO4 & K2Cr2O7
  • D Block - Problems
  • D Block - Problems

F Block Metals

  • F block - Lanthanoids
  • F block - Actinoids
  • F Block - Problems

Co-ordination Compounds

  • Introduction of Complex Compound, Ligands
  • Classification of Ligands, Denticity
  • Nomenclature of Complex Compounds
  • Nomenclature of Complex Compounds 2
  • Bonding in Complex Compound, Primary & Secondary Valency
  • Concept of EAN
  • VBT in Complex Compounds
  • Examples on VBT in complex compounds
  • CFT in Complex Compounds
  • CFT for Octahedral & Tetrahedral Complex
  • Colour & Stability of Complex Compounds
  • Structural Isomerism in Complex Compounds
  • Geometrical Isomerism in Complex Compounds
  • Optical Isomerism in Complex Compounds, use of Complex
  • Organometallic Compounds

Qualitative Analysis

  • Colour, Solubility, Gaseous Properties
  • Dry Test, Heating, Flame test, Borax Bead Test
  • Dry Test, Phosphate Bead Test, Cobalt Nitrate, Charcoal cavity Test
  • Qualitative Analysis - Wet Test, Class AI Anion
  • Qualitative Analysis - Wet Test, Class AII Anion
  • Qualitative Analysis - Wet Test, Class B Anions
  • Wet Test, Classification of Cation, Group I Cation
  • Wet Test, Group II Cations
  • Wet Test, Group III A & B Cations
  • Wet Test, Group IV & V Cations
  • Qualitative Analysis - Problems
  • Qualitative Analysis - Problems

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