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Gaseous State & Atomic Structure

by AtoZ Chemistry

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JEE Advanced , Chemistry
Board: CBSE & State Boards , Language: Hindi

Mode- Online
Contains- 33 Videos
Access Duration- Till 30 Apr 2019


Gaseous State & Atomic Structure are some topics which are similar to topics of Physics, but here in chemistry the syllabus includes more sub-topics.

In this Course, Students will learn

1). Ideal & Real Gas Behavior, How gaseous molecules behave in different conditions. Numerical Approach of Gaseous State Problems.

2). Atomic Structure, Bohr Model, Quantum Physics Development & Schrodinger wave Solution.

Course Description

Chemistry can guarantee you assured marks in JEE Advanced/JEE Mains, on the off chance that you have prepared well. This is the reason chemistry is known as best scoring subject in JEE Main & Advanced Exams. Most of the times, questions in JEE Chemistry are not especially twisted and get tested directly. The key to solving problems of chemistry lies in understanding basic concepts clearly. Here, IITIAN Er Rishi Kuamr will help you to improve your JEE chemistry score!


Gaseaous State

  • Introduction & Boyle's law Preview
  • Manometer, Laws of Ideal gas
  • Ideal Gas Equation
  • MBVD curve
  • MVBD Curve Problems
  • Diffusion & Effusion
  • Diffusion & effusion Diff & Problems
  • Collision Parameters
  • Real Gas Analysis
  • Compressibility factor
  • Gaseous State - Liquification of gas
  • Critical parameters & reduced parameters
  • Joule Thomson Effect

Atomic Structure

  • Atomic Structure - Introduction, Cathode rays & Anode rays
  • Atomic Structure - J.J. Thomson Model, Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
  • Atomic Structure - Rutherford Experiment
  • Atomic Structure - Quantam Mechanics, BlackBody Radiation Experiment
  • Atomic Structure - Wave
  • Atomic Structure - Photoelectric Effect
  • Atomic Structure - Problems on Photoelectric Effect
  • Atomic Structure - Debroglie wavelength, Spectrum
  • Atomic Structure - Bohr Theroy
  • Atomic Structure - H - Spectrum
  • Atomic Structure - Problems on Bohr's Theory
  • Atomic Structure - Adv. Problems on Bohr Theory & Sommerfeld model
  • Atomic Structure - Quantum Mechanical Model for Atomic Structure
  • Atomic Structure - Schrodinger wave equation
  • Atomic Structure - No. of Orbitals & Quantum no.
  • Atomic Structure - Orbital Curve, RPD curve, Defintion of Node
  • Atomic Structure - Calculation of Node, Orbital Picture
  • Atomic Structure - Radial Probbility curve, MPD, Avg. distance, Screening effect, Zeff
  • Atomic Structure - Multielectron system, Electronic configration
  • Atomic Structure - Stability of Elec. Configuration

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AtoZ Chemistry

Chemistry | Class 11th, 12th and Competitive Exams | 15+ Years Experience | Er. Rishi Kumar is the Academic In-charge of A-to-Z Chemistry who understood the challenges faced by students presented them with one-stop solutions for all their chemistry related problems.

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Mode- Online

Contains- 33 Videos

Access Duration- Till 30 Apr 2019