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Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves

Physics Hinglish Total Chapters: 3
Genius Academy
Class 12 Physics Chapter 6 (Electromagnetic Induction), Chapter 7 (Alternating Current) & Chapter 8 (Electromagnetic Waves) solved by expert Physics teacher Pradeep Kshetrepal. We provide solutions for questions given in Class 12 Physics text-book as per CBSE & State board guidelines from the latest NCERT book for Class 12 Physics. The topics and sub-topics in Chapter 6 Electromagnetic Induction, Chapter 7 Alternating Current & Chapter 8 Electromagnetic Waves, which not only help you to get 100% marks in board exam but also help you to achieve success in competitive exam.

Electromagnetic Induction

  • Faraday's Laws
    46 Minutes
  • Motional Emf
    41 Minutes
  • Eddy Current
    37 Minutes
  • Self Inductance
    52 Minutes
  • Mutual Inductance
    36 Minutes
  • Generator
    65 Minutes

Alternating Current

  • Mean Value Of A.c
    48 Minutes
  • Phase Changes In A.c
    20 Minutes
  • Circuit With Resistance And Inductance
    48 Minutes
  • Circuit With Capacitor
    27 Minutes

Electromagnetic Waves

  • E.m.waves,maxwel Laws
    46 Minutes
  • Em Wave Formation
    30 Minutes
  • Em Waves Properties
    39 Minutes
  • Spectrum
    39 Minutes
  • Exercise
    48 Minutes

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