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Class XI Maths JEE Mains Complete Material with Assignments

by Raju Mamidala

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JEE Mains , Maths
Board: CBSE & State Boards , Language: English

Mode- Online
Contains- 38 PDFS
Access Duration- Till 31 Mar 2020


We aim to prepare this class students with a complete study material so that the students can score better in the Mains exam.

Simple and easy to understand.

Understand the level of IIT & JEE concepts by these quick revision notes.

Students can test themselves with assignments which are provided here.

Course Description

To become clear with your aspiration and knowledge, you need to begin your preparation from this level. so here you can get complete notes and assignments for preparation along with solutions/Answers.

This study material will help you to better understand the topics and these notes, students will be able to make quick revisions of topics and score good marks in their exams.



  • Limits - Class Notes
  • Limits - Work Assignment

mathematical induction

  • mathematical induction - Class Notes
  • mathematical induction - Work Assignment

change of axis

  • change of axis - Class Notes & Work Assignment

complex numbers

  • complex numbers - Class Notes
  • complex numbers - Work Assignment


  • DEMOIVRE'S THEOREM - Class Notes & Work Assignment

dot product of two vectors

  • dot product of two vectors - Class Notes & Work Assignment


  • errors - Class Notes
  • errors - Work Assignment

heights and distances

  • heights and distances - Class Notes
  • heights and distances - Work Assignment

hyperbolic functions

  • hyperbolic functions - Class Notes
  • hyperbolic functions - Work Assignment


  • Locus - Class Notes
  • Locus - Work Assignment

maxima and minima

  • maxima and minima - Class Notes
  • maxima and minima - Work Assignment

Partial differentiation

  • Partial differentiation - Class Notes
  • Partial differentiation - Work Assignment


  • Periodicity - Class Notes & Work Assignment

properties of triangles

  • properties of triangles - Class Notes & Work Assignment

Rate of change

  • Rate of change - Class Notes
  • Rate of change - Work Assignment

Straight lines

  • Straight lines - Class Notes
  • Straight lines - Work Assignment


  • TANGENT AND NORMALS - Class Notes & Work Assignment


  • transformations - Class Notes
  • transformations - Work Assignment

Trigonometric Ratios

  • Trigonometric Ratios - Class Notes
  • Trigonometric Ratios - Work Assignment

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About Raju Mamidala

Raju Mamidala

Mathematics | Class 6th to Competitive exams | 15+ Years Experience | Working in Geethanjali International School in Hyderabad from past 5 years. He Created an Educational Channel for improvement in various aspects for students in IIT Foundation.

If you have any doubts about how to get and access this course,watch this video.

Class XI Maths JEE Mains Complete Material with Assignments

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Mode- Online

Contains- 38 PDFS

Access Duration- Till 31 Mar 2020