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CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Quick Revision

by Vidyakul

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Class 12 , Maths
Board: CBSE & State Boards , Language: Hinglish

Mode- Online
Videos- 37
Validity- Till 31 Mar 2020
Language- Hinglish
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1. Efficient & effective problem-solving techniques
2. Comprehensive & exhaustive approach towards CBSE Class 12 Maths (edited)
3. Identification and Improvement of the weak topics
4. Time management & attention on topics via self-analysis


Relation and function

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Principal Value
  • Properties of inverse trigonometric function


  • Symmetric and skew symmetric matrices
  • Concept of elementary row and column operations


  • Properties of determinants
  • Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix
  • Solving system of linear equations using inverse of a matrix

Continuity and Differentiability

  • Continuity and differentiability
  • Chain Rule
  • Derivative of exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Second Order Derivative
  • Derivative Of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Application of Derivatives

  • Rate Of Change Of Quantity
  • Increasing Or Decreasing Function
  • Tangents And Normals
  • Maxima And Minima


  • Integration By Parts
  • Integration By Partial Fraction
  • Properties of definite integrals
  • Evaluation Of Definite Integrals

Application of Integrals

  • Application Of Integration

Differential Equations

  • General and particular solutions of a differential equation
  • Seperation Of Veriable
  • Homogeneous differential equation
  • Integrating Factors

Vector Algebra

  • Dot Product
  • Cross Product
  • Scalar Triple Product Of Vectors

Three Dimensional Geometry

  • Cartesian And Vector Equation Of A Plane
  • Distance of a point from a plane

Linear Programming

  • Linear Programming
  • Transportation Method


  • Conditional Probability
  • Bays Theoram
  • Bernoulli Trial

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Mode- Online

Videos- 37

Validity- Till 31 Mar 2020

Language- Hinglish

No. of Views- Unlimited