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CBSE Class 11th Accountancy

by Digesh Soni

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Class 11 , Accounts
Board: CBSE & State Boards , Language: Hinglish

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What you will Learn

  • CBSE Class 11th Accountancy
  • Clear your doubts with Live Doubt Sessions
  • Fully understand each and every concept in detail.


Chapter -1 | Introduction to Accounting

Chapter - 2 | Journal entries

  • Journal entries of purchase, sales, purchase return, sales return
  • Entries of Purchase return and sales return
  • Compound entries
  • Why trade discount is not recorded in accounts and the concept of trade and cash discount
  • Some toughest entries for cash and trade discount Part 2
  • How to record the bank transactions
  • Entries for cheque dishonoured and other bank transaction entries
  • Entries for bad debts, bad debts recovered, livestock, commission receive paid
  • Entry for outstanding expenses prepaid expenses accrued income and unearned income
  • Entries for installation of machinery selling & purchasing of shares interest on drawings & capital
  • Entries for loss by fire Charity free samples Income Tax paid & refunded defalcation salary
  • Entries for full settlement & difference between entries of bad debts and full settlement
  • How to do the entry of GST and what is CGST SGST IGST
  • Entries and calculation for input output GST
  • What is ledger_ What is posting_ Accounting tutorial
  • Full fledged question for ledger accounting tutorial
  • How to post the opening entries in Ledger accounting tutorial
  • Ledger Posting From Combined Entry_compound entry
  • What are subsidiary books of accounts & its types
  • Cash book and types of cash book single, double, triple Part -1
  • Cash book and types of cash book single, double, triple Part -2
  • Petty cash book analytical or columnar part 2
  • Purchase book ,subsidiary book ,detail method and shortcut method
  • Sales book subsidiary book detail method and shortcut method
  • Purchase return book sales return book subsidiary books
  • Bills receivable book, bills payable book, general journal journal proper subsidiary books
  • Best method for accounting equation

Chapter- 3 | Bank reconciliation statement

  • Solve bank reconciliation statement without using table
  • Opening credit Overdraft Unfavorable balance of cash book
  • Opening debit Overdraft Unfavorable balance of pass book
  • Trial balance by balance method
  • Trial balance with practical questions and solution
  • Trial balance question when suspense account is created

Chapter -4 |Depreciation

  • Depreciation - Introduction
  • Entries for depreciation by charging to asset method & creating provision for depreciation
  • Methods to calculate depreciation straight line fixed installment or written down value
  • How to calculate depreciation if per annum Clause is given
  • How to calculate depreciation if per annum Clause is not given
  • How to Calculate depreciation for different years at different rates
  • Change in method of depreciation
  • Retrospective way- Change in method of depreciation

Chapter -5 | Goods and Service Tax (GST)

  • GST with trade discount and cash discount
  • GST with income drawings goods lost by fire ,theft or distributed as free samples
  • Setoff adjustment of input output GST detailed solution
  • Ledger of GST posting of GST entries

Chapter - 6 | Accounting Concepts

  • Accounting concepts principle convension assumptions accounting standards IFRS
  • Fundamental accounting assumptions Going Concern consistency accrual system
  • Cost concept the most controversial principle of accounting
  • Conservatism or prudence concept with example
  • Matching principle & Accounting periods concept
  • Full disclosure principle materiality principle accounting entity Money Measurement principle

Chapter - 7 | Accounting Standards

  • What is accounting standards difference between accounting standard and principle
  • What is IFRS and difference with accounting standard

Chapter - 8 | Bills of Exchange

  • What is bills of exchange and promissory note
  • How to calculate maturity date due date in bills of exchange
  • All types of bills of exchange accommodation bill trading bill inland foreign bill at sight
  • What is promissory note difference between promissory note and bills of exchange
  • Accounting entries for acceptance drawing and payment of bill of exchange
  • Discounting of bills of exchange
  • Sending a bill to bank for collection bills of exchange
  • Retiring of a bill under rebate bills of exchange
  • Endorsement of a bill journal entry bills of exchange
  • Journal entry for dishonour of a bill and noting charges all the four conditions
  • Practical question for dishonour of bill and noting charges journal entries
  • Renewal of bill of exchange journal entry with practical questions
  • Insolvency of acceptor subsidiary books entries and recording bill of exchange
  • All the journal entries of bills of exchange

Chapter - 9 | Rectification of Error

  • Errors and their rectification introduction
  • How to locate errors in books of account in rectification of error
  • What is suspense account, disposal preparation treatment
  • All types of rectification of errors at all stages undercasting,overcasting,suspense
  • Rectification of errors in stage 1 by using undercasting and overcasting statement
  • Rectification of errors in stage 2 by using suspense account
  • Rectification of double sided errors by using rectifying entries (WRC method)
  • Rectification of errors of principle
  • Rectification of errors of omission
  • Rectification of error after making final accounts using profit and loss adjustment account

Chapter - 10 | Povision and Reserve

  • What is provision full explanation provision and reserve Demo
  • Types of provision and provision for bad and doubtful debts full explanation with question
  • Provision for discount for debtors
  • Provision for taxation
  • Provision for discount on creditors
  • Provision for repair and renewals
  • What is Reserve and types of Reserve open reserve secret reserve
  • What is Capital Reserve
  • What is revenue reserve
  • What is secret reserve
  • What is sinking fund

Chapter -11 | Financial Statements

  • Introduction to financial statements
  • What is trading account and format list of all the items that comes in trading account
  • Practical questions for trading account
  • Closing journal entries of trading account with practical question
  • Format of profit and loss account
  • Treatment of salaries and wages salary to factory manager less tax PF mix salary in profit loss a/c
  • Practical question for trading and profit and loss account
  • What is balance sheet and format of balance sheet for companies
  • Practical question for balance sheet
  • What is adjustment of financial statement and all types of adjustment
  • Adjustment of closing stock in financial statements
  • Adjustment of outstanding expense & prepaid expense in final account profit loss balance sheet
  • Adjustment of accrued income and unearned income in financial statements
  • Adjustment of interest on drawings and interest on capital in profit and loss & balance sheet
  • Adjustment of depreciation in final accounts profit and loss balance sheet
  • Adjustment of bad debts and all types of provisions in final accounts profit and loss balance sheet
  • Adjustment of goods sold on return basis goods in transit invoice of purchase not received
  • Calculation of Manager's Commission after before deducting that commission from profit
  • Quick revision for financial statement with and without adjustment

Chapter - 12 | Accounting for incomplete records (single entry system)

  • What is incomplete records or single entry system(Introduction)
  • What is statement of affairs for calculating profit in incomplete record single entry system
  • Format of statement of affairs and proforma of profit
  • Adjustment of non cash items depreciation provision in statement of affairs incomplete records
  • Practical question for single entry system incomplete records

Chapter - 13 | Financial statement of not for profit or non trading organisation

  • What is financial statement of not for profit organisation non trading concerns
  • What is receipt and payment account in non profit organisation
  • Income and Expenditure account (with solved problem) NPO Concept & Format
  • Balance sheet of non trading organisation NPO (with solved problem)

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