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12th Physics: Ch. 10: Wave Optics

by Arvind Sir

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Class 12 , Physics
Board: CBSE & State Boards , Language: Hinglish

Mode- Online
Contains- 32 Videos
Access Duration- Till 31 Mar 2020


You will understand Wave Optics for Boards & also very useful for JEE & JEE Mains & Advance.

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Course Description

You learn about Wave Optics for CBSE Board & able to get concept Clear for JEE & NEET.

  • Wave Optics Introduction
  • Huygens Principle
  • Refraction and Reflection of Plane waves using Huygens Principle
  • Coherent and Incoherent addition of waves
  • Interference of Lightwaves
  • Young's Double Slit experiment
  • Diffraction
  • Polarisation


Wave Optics

  • 10.1 Huygens Principle and Wavefront
  • 10.2 Explanation of Reflection and Refraction from Wave Theory
  • 10.3 Principle of Superposition
  • 10.4 Constructive and destructive Superposition
  • 10.5 Interference, Young's double Slit experiment
  • 10.6 Polarisation, Malu's Law, Brewster Law
  • 10.7 Resolving Power, Doppler's effect and Fresnel Distance
  • 10.8 Numericals
  • 10.1 Wave Optics Introduction and Dual Natue of Light (New updated video) Preview
  • 10.2 Wavefront and Huygens Principle (New updated video)
  • 10.3 Reflection and Refraction on the basis of Wave theory (New updated video)
  • 10.4 Principle of Superposition (New updated video)
  • 10.5 Youngs Double Slit experiment Qualitative Analysis (New updated video)
  • 10.6 Condition for Constructive and Destructive Interference (New updated video) Preview
  • 10.7 Coherent and Incoherent sources of Light (New updated video)
  • 10.8 Calculating Fringe Width (New updated video)
  • 10.9 Interference (New updated video)
  • 10.10 Numericals interference (New updated video)
  • 10.11 Diffraction (New updated video) Preview
  • 10.12 Diffraction single Slit fringes (New updated video)
  • 10.13 Intensity in Diffraction Fringes (New updated video)
  • 10.14 Width of Diffraction Fringes (New updated video)
  • 10.15 Difference between Interference and Diffraction (New updated video)
  • 10.16 Fresnels distance Vlidity of Ray optics (New updated video)
  • 10.17 Resolving Power of an optical instruments (New updated video)
  • 10.18 Numericals (New updated video)
  • 10.19 Polarisation (New updated video) Preview
  • 10.20 Malus Law Polarisation (New updated video)
  • 10.21 Brewster Law Polarisation (New updated video)
  • 10.22 Methods and usage of Polarisation (New updated video)
  • 10.23 Dopplers effect of Light (New updated video)
  • 10.24 Numericals (New updated video)

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Mode- Online

Contains- 32 Videos

Access Duration- Till 31 Mar 2020