Class 11 NCERT Solutions, Exam Preparation Tips
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Class 11

Class 11

CBSE Class 11 is a crucial year in the academic life of every student which, unfortunately, the students tend to take lightly. The completion of CBSE Class X Board exams and the excitement of becoming a senior at school, together make the student stress-free and jolly. In this excitement, the students forget that Class 11 is utmost crucial for them since it sets the foundation for any competitive exam that they are aiming for in the future. Especially, the students who opt for science must know for a fact that Class 11 is the time to become even more serious and concentrated on the studies.

Be it science, commerce or even humanities, the intensity of the syllabus increases exponentially. Apart from becoming vast, the syllabus becomes complex too. With the introduction to a lot of new topics and extension of the old ones, the students experience a huge step forwards in terms of the syllabus. Moreover, when competitive exams like JEE or NEET are taken into consideration, students are required to not only be thorough with Class 12th syllabus but Class 11th as well. 

The syllabus covered in the NCERT textbooks is prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education is the same all through the nation. This comprehensive and extensive syllabus focuses on the fundamentals needed by the student to prepare for competitive exams.  Once going through the NCERT, the students will understand the concepts pretty well. To further assist the students, Vidyakul presents Class 11 Study Materials which will help the students sail through class 11 with ease. Our team of highly experienced teachers has created NCERT solutions and Class notes for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 11 students, which would clear all their doubts and provide them with a better understanding of the concepts.  Moreover, after extensive research they have also designed Sample Papers, Previous Year Papers and Mock papers which would help the students in a SWOT Analysis for all round preparation. 

CBSE Class 11 Preparation Tips: 

With the newly found freedom of becoming a senior, the student tends to forget that Class 11 is tough and they need to maintain a balance between studies and entertainment. Most students tend to take Class 11 lightly which later on becomes a headache for them. With vast syllabus and time running so fast between school and tuitions, students need to understand that they need to juggle everything at once. Thus, we bring certain tips to enhance your exam preparation and make it more effective. 

  • Class 11 Syllabus is quite vast. Students can easily make a mistake of overlooking certain important topics. Thus, they should make sure that they are well aware of the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE.
  • Students must study for 2-3 hours daily. If they leave topics for the last minute, they won’t be able to learn them all since mugging up is not an option with Class 11 Science. The student must incorporate a habit of understanding the concepts first and then learning them. 
  • Analyzing is another action that a student must incorporate in himself. The concepts of Class 11 Science must be analyzed and related to real life situations before learning. This would help the students retain the concept for much longer. 
  • Students must solve as many questions as they can. Practicing is the key for scoring high marks. No NCERT question should be left unsolved. If the student aims for competitive exams like BITSAT, JEE or NEET, then they should also practice questions from HC Verma and RD Sharma. Vidyakul provides their solutions for effective preparation. 
  • Testing yourself in the end do wonders to the preparation. Taking mock tests or solving sample papers will help the students a lot in their SWOT Analyses and make them exam ready!

Learning new things is a part of your overall development and at this stage we suggest you to keep learning and exploring new things!